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Spice up your marriage!

My principles for making marriage work : Try harder and don't use your solveable problems as an excuse to find a new partner!

Love - Learn to love your partner and learn to re-love your partner especially when you feel your fire of love is fading out. How: By accepting your partner as she or he is.

Communication - People always say communication is key. Talk to your partner about anything, yes anything! Because your wife or husband doesn't have a sixth sense. She or he can't see or read your mind. Say it out loud.

Respect - This is really important. Without respect your marriage won't work! How: Simple, by treating your partner well. Just so you know Verbal abuse is as bad as physical abuse. So, avoid all types of abuse and violence. Use kind and positive words every time. "Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones." says Proverbs. Yeah, try it out yourself and you'll see.

Compromise - Be a more relationship giver than a taker. According to the dictionary compromise is the acceptance of standards that are lower than is desirable. I totally agree to that brother! It's best not to expect your wife or husband to be perfect. Nobody's perfect in this world. To avoid disappoinments your expectations must allign with reality.

Money - Yes, money issues destroy marriages. One of the very reasons marriages end and couples split is money. Earn as much as you can. Do not be completely financially dependent on your spouse. Both can be breadwinners. Not all husbands or wives are understanding beings, sometimes they won't share their money with their spouse bcause they have a "hands off hubby/wifey this money is mine because I work for it" attitude. True story.

Sex- Many would not dare to admit how important sex is if they want marriage to work. Sex is always in full gear when you're younger and especially at the beginning of your marriage, speaking from experience. As time flies by and you're getting older you can feel and see your sexual energy is waning and decreasing.

Did you know Sex is a good thing because it is a natural antidepressant? If you need an emotional lift try having sex. It helps. Why not try it tonight? On top of that according to studies sexual intercourse has many health benefits, such as good for the heart, improves your sleep, relieves stress, helps ward off prostate cancer, increase your libido, improve your relationship with your partner and many more.

If you feel your energy is draining and you need a sexual boost things you have to consider and may need to be addressed:

1. Are you getting enough nutrients?

2. Are you sad, happy or emotionally healthy or unhealthy?


Bedroom boredom?

Brazilian Pronto Coffee™ is loaded with fresh brazilian coffee beans.

Coffee is more than an energy booster. According to studies men could lower the risk of erectile dysfunction if they drink two to three cups of coffee everyday.

How? Coffee triggers a series of pharmacological effects and relaxes the penile arteries and muscles which this increases blood flow.

Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Worldwide shipping available.

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