Why you must know your Coffee

You got to to tell your friends about this coffee.

Hi I'm Rick, this is funny. Two months back I gave a friend this coffee without telling him what the coffee can do.

He then told me he gave the coffee to his friend. They were just hanging out at his place. He enjoyed it like any other coffee. But without knowing its effects 30 minutes after drinking the coffee his friend was telling him that he’s feeling funny, his old fellow just woke up and felt hard. And all he wanted to do was to get into actions and get laid. That friend of his had to rush off home to find his wife, URGENTLY!!

A week ago as funny as his face was, a friend of mine asked me this, “Whoaa really aahh? so powerful the coffee?” The lesson here folks, don’t drink this coffee in your office unless you want to make out on your office desk!

You can check out the coffee http://www.revaiv.com/#!brazilian-pronto-coffee-men/cntw

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"I've used this coffee for many years now and

it's the best choice for me because it works

better than other coffees. I've tried many 

coffee brands local and imported but none

as good as this one.

I highly recommend!" by our coffee user

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