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Foot Reflexology Acupressure:

An alternative therapy to help stimulate your body to heal itself.


According to theory, acupressure alternative treatment has many benefits:


  • Increases blood supply and circulation

  • Unblocks nerve impulses

  • Stimulates the flowing of energy

  • Improves mood 

  • Relieves stress and tension

  • Helps in relaxation 

  • Helps to treat sleep disorders and insomnia

  • Relieves migraine and headache

  • Relieves arthritis, joint, neck , back shoulder pain

  • Improves posture

  • Removes waste and toxin 

  • Restores balance in the body

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Active functions:


Improves blood circulation

The massage technique allows the blood to circulate more efficiently by targeting specific pressure points on your feet. This  stimulates the body into healing itself and helping your body to detoxify as well.


An increase in blood circulation also  helps in transporting oxygen to the body’s cell efficiently. 


Once your body is restored to

its natural balance, you will feel more energised and less fatigue, and even look and feel healthy both physically and mentally.

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Active functions:


Helps in Relaxation

The treatment can induce calmness and has been used to cure sleep disorders and insomnia.


It is known reflexology  can open neural pathways, a series of connected nerves to enable a signal to be sent to the nervous system in the body.


An abundance of neural activity helps the body to relax and bring the body’s overall system into a state of optimal functioning and balance.

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USD $33.90 

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Active functions:


Helps in Relaxation

Relieves pain and stiffness

Activating and stimulating pressure points relieves pains and relaxes the muscles.


When the blood circulates efficiently, in the traditional Chinese medicine system, the energy is unblocked and flows in balance. This promotes the natural healing and function of the body and overall wellbeing.   

foot spa 2.png

How to use:

  • Put on the sandals and walk slowly for 10-20 minutes. 

  • While walking, swing your arms back and forth for better results. 

  • Do this several times a day. 

  • The stones can penetrate deep enough to hit the pressure points. 

  • Your feet will hurt in the beginning. But try to walk in it everyday and as your feet become accustomed to the sandals they will eventually become less painful. 

  • You can also wear a pair of socks or some people wear 2 pair of socks to reduce discomfort.

  • In traditional Chinese medicine body aging starts with the aging of the feet. 

  • According to life expectancy research, the way you walk, whether it’s fast or slow can provide a simple glimpse into your health status and ageing. If you walk fast it indicates you are healthy because a sick person would not be able to walk fast due to lack of energy and lack of proper functioning of multiple body systems.

  • Foot reflexology acupressure helps maintain your overall wellbeing and helps restore your body to a balanced state of health.

  • Care for your feet now because health starts at your feet.

Reflexology-sandals-by revaiv
foot acupressure by revaiv

Acupressure Therapy

Acupressure is similar to the traditional Chinese acupuncture but this technique does not use needles. In acupressure treatment, a firm pressure is used to stimulate the acupoints - a specific pressure point on the body that affects various organs  functions such as controlling physical or mental pain, improving qi or energy and improving blood circulation. 


Reflexology that involves applying pressure to a specific point on the feet, hands an ears has been used by alternative healthcare practitioners to promote overall health and positive well-being. 


Human foot has over 7,000 nerve endings that correspond to every organ in your body. By applying this pressure to your foot it stimulates the flowing of energy and restore balance in the body. 





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