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Herbal practitioners believe a smooth flow of blood circulation helps you achieve a healthy body. This also ensures healthy blood flow to the intimate organ.Your sexual organ will get up and will feel harder, firmer and thicker when the organ  receives an adequate supply of blood.  An increase in blood flow improves your libido and in-bed performance.

To produce a fresh cup of coffee and to ensure consistency and effectiveness, our coffee is usually produced in small batches.  Natural plant based ingredients are used  in this coffee as they are healthier and kinder to your body. 

Do you crave extra energy and better stamina? It's perfect for men who feel a decline in their energy levels and endurance due to age-related factors, stress, hormone imbalances, alcohol, smoking and other factors.

We ship our coffee internationally. Retail Price USD $42.00. Our price USD $33.00 .


We believe in the healing power of herbs. When science and nature work synergistically, it enhances the delivery systems of the active ingredients to your whole body. This helps distributing the nutrients that your body needs effectively and productively.

The primary active ingredients in our coffee are Ginkgo Biloba, Tribulus Terrestris, Panax Ginseng and Saw Palmetto.

Ginkgo Biolba is primarily used to help increase blood circulation and improve cases of erectile dysfunction. When the blood vessel is blocked this reduces blood flow to the vital organs and causing men to have lowered sex drive and staying power. Alternative practitioners often recommend this herb as it increases blood flow to the penis, which this fact is also found in many case studies.

Tribulus Terrestris extract has been used as a dietary supplement to help increase testosterone levels and libido. The herb which can be found in warm climates is also often used to help improve heart health, lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation and may help prevent cancer. In Chinese traditional medicine the herb is actively used as an aphrodisiac and to treat sexual problems.

Saw Palmetto has been used in traditional and alternative medicine for a long time. The herb is believed to have the ability to improve urinary health for men and to protect the health of the prostate the natural way. It is also reported that the herb is effective at maintaining testosterone levels and that it helps improve men's energy and sexual functions.

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Panax Ginseng has been used for varieties of medicinal purposes by alternative healers in Asia for thousands of years. The herb is considered a reliable natural treatment for male performance problems. In Chinese medicinal system, the herb helps men to correct imbalances in the body. Without the right balance  it can cause inability to achieve an erection, inadequate testosterone production, chronic illnesses, extreme fatigue and even psychological stress.


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Brazilian Pronto Coffee 

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Male testosterone starts to decrease after turning into the age of 30 according to research.

Our coffee is unique and different from other coffee brands on the market today. Not only they taste great they also benefit men.  Formulated using a secret recipe handed down from generations to generations, this coffee can  help men achieve optimal male performance  and energy.

To achieve  a product that can  actually benefit men, the coffee was added with an arsenal of well selected herbal extracts and high quality Brazilian coffee beans. Many of these herbs have been used by herbalists for centuries to boost men’s health and inner strength.

The combination of these herbs with their accurate measurement helps to increase blood circulation and helps improve overall health. It is reported that blood vessel obstruction leads to many health problems such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, prostate problems, male sterility, cardiovascular problems and other chronic illnesses.

Aging is inevitable and men are not exempted from psychological stress, oxidative stress, exhaustion and compromised immunity. Getting back a healthy production level of the testosterone helps men achieve a better quality of life and well being.​



Made exclusively for men, our coffee is quick and easy to make. Tear open the sachet and pour contents into a cup. Add hot water. Stir and enjoy.  


Taste the goodness of this coffee. A refreshing way to satisfy your cravings and your inner desires.


A coffee you must have!

As reported in research testosterone starts to decrease after turning into the age of 30 and its level continues to dwindle with age.


The combination of herbal ingredients in this coffee helps  improve hormonal imbalances in the body and testosterone energy.








"I've used this coffee for many years now and

it's the best choice for me because it works

better than other coffees. I've tried many 

coffee brands local and imported but none

as good as this one.

I highly recommend!" by our coffee user

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