"This is the best coffee ever! Not only it is delicious it makes my sex life more tasty. I’ve tried a lot of coffee products similar to this but they did not work as good as this.  It took about an hour for the effect to kick in. I didn’t expect it to work that fast! We had amazing rounds. I’m happy and she’s happy! I’m recommending you this coffee because it really works. Try it out yourself! "  Clement Low

"I knew my wife was not happy with our marriage because I was not able to get my penis up sometimes and it was weak.  I was a bit worried that she would leave me.  I was introduced to this coffee by a friend. I was skeptical at first because I tried one or two herbal coffee before but they didn’t deliver any result. I just tried this one out and I got to admit it worked well! After taking one sachet of the coffee about  an hour later I was ready to do my thing. I could feel the heat surging through my body and felt energised too, and I noticed that my good pal down there was harder and firmer.  Powerful coffee indeed and  the best thing for me is that it works every time! " Chang

"Hi, I didn’t expect this coffee to be this effective. I have to say wow!! honestly after so many years of marriage it eventually becomes dull and not so exciting anymore. My husband doesn’t have ED but his’ is not as hard and as strong like 20 years ago.  Introducing him to this coffee was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! Sexual dissatisfaction can cause marital problems, believe me. My husband and I really love this coffee because he’s a coffee lover and at that same time it boosts up his energy naturally. It’s just perfect. On top of that, there's nothing wrong with enjoying marriage life and being happy :) " Sandra

"For many years I have been looking for that special food and drink to help me last longer in bed. I’ve found it in this coffee. And I also found this coffee truly lives up to its claims. Really, really a good product for those of us who needed a boost in bed performance. I gave it a shot and it really worked. Thank you". Adam

"Umur saya di awalan 40an. Saya mempunyai 2 orang anak. Disebabkan terlalu sibuk bekerja membuatkan saya tak ada mood nak berintim dengan isteri sebab saya rasa tak bertenaga, letih dan tak berminat langsung. Tetapi setelah produk ini diperkenalkan oleh rakan sepejabat, tak sangka ia menaikkan semula semangat dan minat. Saya rasa lebih bertenaga. Tak percaya sungguh tapi memang benar. Saya benar-benar kagum dengan keefektifan produk ini. Begitu mudah sekali, kira-kira sejam kemudian..anda sudah bersedia untuk melakukannya..dengan terbaik dan lebih baik. Saya memang lebih ceria akhir-akhir ni. Kerana berpuas hati dengan produk ini lah saya meluangkan masa untuk memberi komen. Terima kasih Man sebab kau perkenalkan aku pada benda bagus ni. Kalau ada masa kau boleh gak tulis komen engkau." Fazli

"Good news bro, gua terkejutlah, my father in-law 72 tahun pun boleh tegak. Anyway he likes the coffee very much tapi manis sikit. Bolehlah tambah air saja." Sam

"Hi, it  works! padah ngagai apai au? Hehe. Manah amat kupi tok ney. Cukup efektif. Hehe. Gaga amat ati aku & laki aku tok. Hehe. You know who I am!" Angel 

"Hi there!
Sure the coffee works, it did help boost up a boyfriend's in bed confidence. On top of that, I believe it's beneficial for a man's general health. No harm trying and get a lasting impression in bed!" Jane.L

"Thank you for the product. It really works. My young wife always call me an old coconut. But after taking your product never underestimate this old coconut. Now she knows what this old coconut is made of. Thank you." Kenny Chong

"Tak tau nak cakap apa. Memang best! Tegak jer. Dah meletus pun tegak jer. Tunggu apa lagi. Belum try belum tau." Zizzul

"Bro, dulu saya cakap very very expensive. Untuk penggunaan seminggu sekali during weekend price tu tak mahal. Worth it. Lagipun tak payah keluar. Shopping online jer. My girlfriend said very good. I said damn fuxxxxg good.. ciao" Sham

"Hello bro, produk memang cun!. For me more than 1 hour. Balak tak turun beb..thanks for advertising your blog and sharing your experience with me. I hope more people will hear this good news. 

Bro ada produk baru ke? ada produk for my wife ke?" Eddie Jungi

"It's a good product. Most importantly my hubby and I feel satisfied. Love the rounds, love making it, very powerful and never disappoints. It strengthens our relationship and rekindles the fire. :)" Zeyliang

"I hope my husband will buy this coffee again. These days our inbed experience is not as exciting as when he was taking this product. It's always fast and lacking power, weak hmm..You know what I'm talking about. Sex was better when he's taking this coffee" Shevona

"Yes to man's erection and  stiffness. The harder the better actually. It works! Why would I lie about this kind of thing? I don't care whether you believe me or not, I've seen it, experienced it." Pati B

"I'm 70 years old. My first coffee was a gift. I've tried kopi xxx and some other coffees and I thought this coffee would be like those coffees. I didn't expect any result . But to my surprise an hour after drinking this coffee I could see the tip or the head got bigger and swollen. It was hard and I had an erection. A good one and it was a good day for me. I like it. " Abet P

"This product is a must have! I'm 35 years of age. I must confess I was a bit hesitant when a friend recommended me this product. But after trying it myself I got to admit the result was unbelievably impressive. Now, there's no reason why I can't enjoy my regular sex. In my experience if you don't keep your sex life alive it can tear your marriage apart. If it makes my wife happy, why not taking it? Thanks bro. I really appreciate it". Mr C.Yeoh

"Suka betul saya minum kupi ini. Lepas minum kepala dia membesar dan batang jadi lebih tebal. Saya boleh main lebih lama kali ini. Memang baguslah kupi ini. Kamu tanya saya samada saya akan minum lagi. Ya sudah tentu saya akan minum lagi. Trima kasihlah." Mr Anggat

I’m a new user of this coffee and I’m satisfied with the result. Will buy again. TJ

"Muy bueno el cafe que enviastes! Muy efectivo. Como se hace para comprarlo aqui en Argentina-? Que Dios te bendiga"  ( Very good the coffee you sent! Very effective. How do you buy it here in Argentina? - May God bless you) .  Juaan

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

All testimonials are about our users' experience and opinion on the product.






"I've used this coffee in a while now and

it's the best choice so far because it works

better than other coffees. I've tried many 

coffee brands local and imported but none

have worked as good as this one.

I highly recommend!" by our coffee user


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