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Why do you need   Brazilian Pronto Coffee™ ?

Did you know that not only testosterone but the key to satisfactory sexual performance is having good blood flow. Start achieving it now with proven therapeutic herbal ingredients. And decades from now, while your peers' sexual health wanes yours is still maintained.



What are the ingredients used in Brazilian Pronto Coffee™ ?

Brazilian Pronto Coffee™ is made of a blend of the best multi-herbs that  synergistically helps to boost energy and to promote men's general health. The combination of primary herbs such as Vigormax™ Tribulus PlusBlend and other energy-booster herbs work better together than they do singly. This is the reason why Pronto coffees work almost immediately.


The study of herbal ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Panax Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba used in these coffees confirmed that  the herbs could be considered to effectively help increase energy, improve libido and treat some other conditions associated with stress and aging. The balanced synergy, of the right mix of herbs and its accurate measurement of the compositions, helps men to experience its benefits in a much shorter period of time.



Brazilian Pronto Coffee™ is different from others?

All ingredients used in these coffees are backed by scientific facts and proven to help increase men's energy and potency.  Some men reported that it remains in the body for a week after coffee enters the body although this depends on the individual' s response to the herbal formula.    

Our coffee products have been produced in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Its entire  production process has gone through a strict quality control assurance. All stages of productions are monitored rigorously to ensure each sachet is reliable and  effective.



How does the Brazilian Pronto Coffee™ boost men's energy?
Tribulus Plus Blend and other energy booster herbs within  Brazilian Pronto Coffee™ have been used in traditional medicine for centuries by expert herbal practitioners all over the world. According to experts the herbal blend does not only help improve hormonal balance that leads to increased intimacy but also simultaneously acts as a natural aphrodisiac.


In Chinese Traditional Medicine, the herbal blend is recommended for all the men as it is very helpful in expelling 'wind-damp-cold' that blocks the circulation of the body's energy or 'qi', which is similar to arteries related complications in the western medicine terms. The herbal formula also helps replenish the energetic organs such as the the kidneys, liver and cardiovascular function. Having these organs in harmonious balance helps increase men's key sex hormones and helps improve sexual stamina.



Who should take  Brazilian Pronto Coffee™ ?
Men who want to improve libido, increase intimacy performance, boost stronger sexual stamina and energy, achieve longer sexual activity and erection, and achieve  firmer, engorged penis.


Men who experience symptoms associated with sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, weak erections,

pre-mature ejaculation and conditions associated with aging and stress are highly encouraged to take this product.

(Please consult your doctor if symptoms persist)

How do I take Brazilian Pronto Coffee™  ?

Dosage Recommendations:

1. If you’re taking the coffee for the first time: Take (1/3  one third or 1/2  half ) a sachet. Try to see if the dosage is suitable for your body. 


2. If coffee is too strong for you: Take (1/2)  half a sachet. (Examples of symptoms - back pain, muscle pain, body aches).

3. Recommended dosage: (1) one sachet is the recommended dosage.

Slow response or none

Some healthy men experience a slower response. According to many herbal practitioners,  this is due to a high level of toxins build-up in the body which slows down the curative effects. If this occurs you are encouraged to undergo detoxification therapies, an intense period of cleansing and rebuilding of your health and the immune system.

Information you should know:  If you are heavily medicated due to a chronic health problem, illness or disease you can expect a slower result or none.


Are there any side effects?
You may experience an increase  in body temperature and you feel slightly hot and warm after drinking the coffee. This is normal and only temporary. Brazilian Pronto Coffee™ is a herbal coffee alternative with no adverse effects known.



Has it been tested for quality?

Yes.  Laboratory test results indicate Brazilian Pronto Coffee™ does not contain heavy metals, unwanted chemicals and safe to drink.

Important Note: All products, educational information and testimonials are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure illnesses and diseases.
If you have  a specific health concern, please consult your physician and health provider.






"I've used this coffee in a while now and

it's the best choice so far because it works

better than other coffees. I've tried many 

coffee brands local and imported but none

have worked as good as this one.

I highly recommend!" by our coffee user


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